Help for Troubled Marriages

During this challenging time in your life, God’s love and support can come from compassionate Catholic people and organizations that can guide us to a new life journey with the following support:


The following two resources are for those who may still have hope to work on their marriage:



The Retrouvaille Program consists of a weekend experience combined with post-weekend sessions. It is designed to provide the tools to help put your marriage in order again. The main emphasis of the program is on communication between husband and wife. It will give you the opportunity to rediscover each other and to examine your lives together in a new and positive ways.

Visit the website:


Separated and Divorced Programs

Resources of programs and books for divorced Catholics to help get your life back on track after divorce and move forward in your faith with hope and confidence.
Free Daily Inspiration email messages to encourage and inspire you on the journey after divorce.  
 The Surviving Divorce program offers help in healing of the
 human family. Regardless of where you are after a divorce or
separation, this program will help restore fullness of health, 
life, and joy to every family.                                                                                                                                                
Divorce and Beyond.png

​When a marriage ends it is more than a separation of two people. It is a death of an important part of their lives. Divorce and Beyond, the popular program for adults who have gone through a recent divorce, offers readers the support and guidance they need to help them through the divorcing process.

Support Groups for Children



Rainbows for All Children is dedicated to being the premier source of support for all youth as they navigate grief and heal from lost, whether from death, divorced, deployment, or other trauma.​



Recovering from Divorce Online will teach you a much better way, allowing you to emerge from your divorce a new version of yourself, living an abundant life filled with an extraordinary amount of purpose, peace, joy, and love.

BE Image.JPG
The Beginning Experience is a structured weekend program where widowed, separated and divorced persons are guided through their grief process.  The Beginning Experience is an international peer ministry.



Divorced Catholic Book.png

This book is written to address the core challenges every Catholic experiences with divorce from the perspective of their Catholic faith. Living the Catholic faith is the key to recovering from divorce. ​

Image- Rebuilding When Relationship Ends.JPG

Rebuilding features Fisher’s “divorce process rebuilding blocks,” a proven nineteen-step process for putting one’s life back together after divorce. The “rebuilding” model makes the process healthier and less traumatic for those who are divorcing or divorced—and their children.
Prayer for Catholics.png

​Prayers for Catholics Experiencing Divorce are forty-four prayers to help Catholics experiencing divorce heal the hurt as they rediscover themselves and their self-worth.
When Parents Divorce.png

Divorce and separation are painful experiences, particularly for children. Children may not fully understand what is happening between their parents. They may think that they are at fault, or feel like they are caught in the middle. As the divorce or separation unfolds and major changes in family structure and dynamics start to take place, children may become overwhelmed by their reactions.                                                                                                          
Making Your Way.png

​This book takes an honest look at the effects that divorce can have in the life of a teenager or young adult, and the ways that they can move toward healing and forgiveness after their parents' divorce. Although aimed at teenagers and young adults, this book is a valuable resource for counselors, ministers, religious educators, social workers, and divorced parents themselves. Ideal for both individual and group use.                                                                                                          
Primal Loss Click here for the PDF Book.

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If you are interested in starting a divorce support and recovery group, here is some helpful information:


Tips on Establishing a Support Group

Guidelines for Parishes Setting Up a Support Group for the Separated and Divorced

Ground Rules for Support Groups

Staying Power in Divorce Ministry

Staying Power in Divorce Ministry
by Sr. Adaire Lassonde, SSND    |    Reprinted from Jacob's Well, CDM's quarterly membership newsletter.

One of the frustrations of divorce ministry is keeping the energy going that existed when the ministry began.  Whether one parish or a coalition of parishes sponsors a group for the separated and divorced, keeping it going and maintaining its vigor is no little job!

Part of seeing to it that there can be a "staying power" for divorce ministry has to do with what kind of support you have on the parish level.  That's why putting a group together is not just a month's worth of time.  To inaugurate divorce ministry that will last, it is important that it has the broadest support possible.  Before getting a few parishioners excited about the prospects of a starting a group, it may be very smart to prepare the parish staff and parish council in such a way that you will get a mandate, from these groups to minister to this population!

Once the green light is given, there are many aspects to preparing to start a group.  What kind of resources already exist in my area for the divorced?  Who will sponsor this group, just our parish, or a group of parishes?  What form will their sponsorship take, will they provide a budget, space, training of facilitators, etc?  Who will be our facilitators, and what qualities will we be looking for?  What kind of supervision will be provided for them so there will be less burn-out?  How do we get the word out?  What benefits/drawbacks are there in being ecumenical?

Who hasn't dealt with diminishing numbers, when you know there are many people out there who are hurting because of separation and divorce?  How do you help them to understand that they belong to the faith community, that they shouldn't go away?

All of these issues and more are of paramount importance in planning for divorce ministry in a parish or region.

It will be exciting at the North American Conference for Separated and Divorced Catholics conference at Notre Dame to share with each other some of the accomplishments and challenges that exist in the ministry.

CDM encourages your parish to embrace a Family Perspective through the presence of Divorce Ministry.

Divorce Ministry INFORMS

  • parishioners of Catholic teaching on marriage and divorce.
  • separating couples on programs available that can help their failing relationship.
  • the divorced on what the Catholic annulment process is and is not.
  • the divorced where to find Christian Counseling for self and family.

Divorce Ministry INVITES

  • the divorced family into full participation of parish life.

Divorce Ministry ENCOURAGES

  • healing through Christ’s love and understanding by providing healing services, special masses, workshops, programming, and publications for the divorced.
  • the divorced to remain connected to their faith community.

Divorce Ministry AFFIRMS

  • that the divorced family is still family and is holy.
  • and recognizes the unique needs of single parents and their children.


  • families who have experienced divorce or who are in irregular marriages following a divorce and who feel excommunicated and alienated because of their circumstances.

Divorce Ministry PRAYS

  • with and for the divorced and their families, specifically including them in the mass petitions.
  • with the divorced before and during their annulment process, asking Christ’s healing through it.
Download this article in one-page PDF format, suitable for printing.